Saturday, March 17, 2007


Its sad to note that Witch Hunting is well an alive in our modern society. Its been well documented that when certain Men lose control of Women, they will initiate a Witch Hunt and lay all social ills onto these so called Witches.

These act are designed to make Women 'Toe-The-Line' and 'Thou-Shall-Not-Question-The-Party'. No fair trial, no chance to voice out, no help from other men and women. Its by branding a Woman a Witch that will get her shunned by other Women and Men as if she is a Leper.

Its such a sad act to accuse upon a fellow reporter and blogger Nila Tanzil by our Minister of Tour-is-him? His sudden use of his index finger to lay blame of his ministry's failure to look after reporters on duty to report about the wonders of Malaysia during VMY2007 does not go down well with Malaysians and Indonesians.

Its is never wrong for anyone to tell it as it is when they are travelling abroad to visit some place. Like how was the hospitality? how were the services? how was the ease of travelling from one spot to another...etc... I do travel too and when I see a "400k Public Toilet"I will take photo of it and tell it to my friends as well. If I am not allowed to use that "400k Public Toilet" because I did not apply a permit to let off some parts of me in that country.. surely I will write about that too...

Now please do read from some of our lady bloggers how they feel being Witch Hunted....

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