Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I wonder if Malaysiakini caught this statement?
How a guard dog would sound like when its master is away on holiday?

Those who participated in the "Walk for Justice", their brains are like opposition party. It is better for them to register as members of opposition party. I will be more delighted if they (Bar Council) register as an Opposition party. So that I know how to handle them," he told Sin Chew Daily when contacted today.

"I will ignore them as if they are non-governmental organizations (NGOS)," he continued.


mob1900 said...

Another Barisan Nyanyuk who's so out of touch with the people's sentiment. This guard-dawg should be 'put down' as he's dangerous and will bite even without Provocation.

zorro said...

You captured the look of a castrated dog superbly.

muststopthis said...

and such is the mentality of a typical doggone minister!

Zawi said...

Every times he opens his big mouth, only shit will come out of it. His 'I am his minister' sound not only arrogant but depict the truth that the Judiciary is no more independent and will play to the tune of the executive. Cant wait for the day when the rakyat will say "I have had enough of this fool" and vote him out.