Thursday, April 05, 2007


Racism is well an alive in our Parliament after 50yrs of Independance.

A MALAY Minister called an opposition CHINESE Minister "BABI" in Parliament.

Calling anyone "BABI" is a direct insult to him/her and his Race. Much like if someone called that Minister a 'BABI", it is equal to calling him a "MALAY BABI"!

If you do not know what does "BABI" means (no its got nothing to do with BAMBI) it means "PIG". Now we have Chinese PIG, Malay PIG, Indian PIG & etc. in Parliament?

So its also fine that our kids in school calls each other "BABI" if one doesn't like the other race? Since its OK for adults that runs the country to do that. Maybe they will be brave enough to even call the teacher "BABI" something like "Cikgu BABI" (Teacher PIG).

So where does it "STOPS"? It "STOPS" in our DEMOCRATIC PARLIMENT where everything is meant to be debated and resolved in a Sane Manner and Mannerism.

So for that Stupid Minister that utter that word, you will forever be branded a "RACIST PIG"...

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