Tuesday, April 22, 2008

EARTH DAY NOT . malaysiakini .

Wattahack! wanted to post some thoughts for (malaysiakini?) on Earth Day this morning but I ended up damaging the Earth by going to eat an environmental hazardous melting cake for Daphne at Kak Maria's Mee Rebus Tuesdays. So much for contributing to help the Earth. Zorro, Elviza & others didn't help too as they were busy making chimneys of their gabs.

Google put up a very GREEN GOOGLE today and its so cute I had to post it here as well. Click on it, it goes to Earth Day results which is mostly about Earth Day. Now digg this toon below from http://www.coxandforkum.com/ it tells the truth about us humans. Opps! that means Blogging is Green! Internet is Green! cause we all do away with paper and newspapers? Now we only need to relocate our PC or notebook under a tree and sit on grass to make Earth Day work.... oh! maybe next year....

MALAYSIAN OLYMPICS BLOGGER? . malaysiakini blog .

MALAYSIAN OLYMPICS BLOGGER? . malaysiakini blog .
April 21, 2008 ·

for Malaysiakini - duh!

Wattahack is back because MarinaM smsed news of her Olympic Torch run at Sg.Wang. (read her post here) I was in KL and made a quick detour to Sg.Wang before they lock down the roads for the run. Got there faster than a speeding China made torch and hung around with lots of Samsung flag passing sponsors. Funny as it seems to me suddenly Samsung is from China and not Korea! At least Lenovo (formerly IBM) was around with some whacky and loud cheerleaders.

The 1st Malaysian Olympic Torch Blogger?
It got cloudy and I thought it better not rain yet else MarinaM will be soaked! Also the poor camera crew were shooting from of all crappy thing a green DBKL truck! OMG!!! Bad Image for Malaysia lar…. The other problem is I didn’t have time to make it back home to get my Canon camera so you all have to see some crappy shots from my point & shoot pocket Panasonic (Panasonic care to sponsor me a better one?). Lucky got at least 1 proper shot of MarinaM… phew!

The torch looks nice and I read the design concept and I think its a very nice design very Oriental & Asian. How nice to have one? Guess you’ll have to ask MarinaM…. here

The rest of the crappy shots are here …. MalaysiaOlympicTorchRun

And here the News from AFP