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Photo: Our National Badmintion Heros. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong should be rewarded now! not if, not what, not later. They deserve it... PERIOD!

“We will consider, think, and decide how to reward the pair. We do not want to spoil them with material rewards, which may result in a drop in future performances,” he said at KL International Airport last night while awaiting the arrival of the duo. - as printed by The Star.

Now... how appropriate timing. No material rewards? How about Datukship? not material only a title. How about having access to train in our new UK playground? Oh! Better still a fully funded scholarship to some prestigious Sports Uni abroad?

Surely that's not material rewards that can spoil them unlike those that got Land, Cars and Datukships.... so suddenly our noble Gov realise they were actually wrong to reward those so called Towering "Censored" with Material Rewards?

I wonder those High Flyers heading to Freezeland to do skydiving to proof some Delinquents are Towering "Censored" will return with full praise from the Gov and reap some kind of Material Reward?

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Ministry: A request, not directive
Fauwaz Abdul Aziz and Ng Ling FongMar 19, 07 3:20pm
The Internal Security Ministry today denied it had 'ordered' mainstream newspapers not to quote or publish reports found on Internet portals and blogs.

but below is proof of an official directive:


Malaysian embassies shame us abroad
(repost article from ElizabethWong)
March 20, 2007

The long arm of the Malaysian government stretches not only to London at Cambridge University and the London School of Economics (LSE), to stop students from organising and attending the recent talks by former deputy Prime Minister and KeADILan advisor, Anwar Ibrahim, but it has reached as far as South Korea.

Below is a letter of protest from Black to the Malaysian Embassy. He is incensed over the embarrassment caused by the Malaysian Embassy there, when it tried to obtain information from one of East Asia’s most prestigious academic institution - Sunghonghae University - about a Malaysian student based there.

And the student’s alleged ‘crime’? Submitting an article to Harakah Daily.

With Malaysian government reps behaving in this goon-like fashion, the Tourism Minister whacking women and bloggers, why bother spending millions on Visit Malaysia Year 2007 and the “project known as Islam Hadhari”?

Civilisation …. Knowledge society…. My foot.

Malaysian Embassy,4-1 Hannam-dong,Yongsan-ku, Seoul 140-210,South Korea.Tel: 822 795 9203, Fax: 822 794 5448

It’s almost one year since I first arrive in Gwangju, South Korea in which during that period I fully committed myself through learning as required in my internship program with The May 18 Memorial Foundation.

If my memory serves me right, I was never in any position to create disorderly manner in this country much less to bother Malaysian Embassy routines especially at time of promoting Visit Malaysia Year 2007. I even took the liberty to promote Malaysian tourism as a destination for holidays and centre for English education especially among my colleagues and other international communities living in Gwangju. I did so with belief that cultural exposure among people of the world will provide better understanding and gain mutual respect.

Unlike what has been quoted referring to article published in Harakah Daily dated 20 March 2007, it is politically bias and repressive for Malaysian Embassy to call the Sunghonghae University to identify a Malaysian student who allegedly have written an article regarding the recent visit of Deputy Prime Minister, Najib Tun Razak to South Korea to meet with Malaysian students.

My purpose of writing this letter is to explain about the unprofessional method used by Malaysian Embassy to have called the university. As you may know, the University is one of the prestigious in South Korea and gain international reputation for its education system and balance of political views. More importantly, the University is the centre of Human Rights learning where pro-democracy believers and intellectuals gain knowledge hence restored democracy in South Korea in 1987. Students stand to belief that justice and freedom will prevail and that’s what happened to Park Chung Hee and Chun Doo Hwan regimes.

However, Malaysia under Barisan Nasional administration, it’s unfortunate that not just education system being put under constant scrutiny but university students are subject to UUCA (University and University College Act) and other oppressive Acts.

Knowing how the Barisan Nasional would function, I won’t see any changes taking place unless the people demand for real change and my piece of advice, having put my belief and centre of thinking at real democracy is people democracy - stop treating Malaysian students as your object of politics of fear and stop threatening Malaysian students who favors democracy and non-guided cheap scheme by pulling their from scholarships. For your record, the Malaysian student who attended Sunghonghae University is an international student sponsored fully by the University for his good will and sincerity for change.

In 2003, Korean activists protested in front of the Malaysian Embassy urging Malaysian government to release all the ISA detainees. This peaceful protest has gain international momentum and creates news around the globe. Image of Malaysia through its embassy in South Korea will further be tarnished should the embassy fails to back off from interfering with individual rights to freedom of expression.

It’s a long way for Visit Malaysia Year 2007 to be warped up like this simply by few ignorant and fear driven Malaysians. As a Malaysian citizen, as much as I care about my country, I write to you with great sense of morality and responsibility and that creating a culture of fear outside Malaysia is simply childish and unprofessional.

cc: Malaysian Media and International Media.
Amin Shah Bin Iskandar.

Saturday, March 17, 2007


Its sad to note that Witch Hunting is well an alive in our modern society. Its been well documented that when certain Men lose control of Women, they will initiate a Witch Hunt and lay all social ills onto these so called Witches.

These act are designed to make Women 'Toe-The-Line' and 'Thou-Shall-Not-Question-The-Party'. No fair trial, no chance to voice out, no help from other men and women. Its by branding a Woman a Witch that will get her shunned by other Women and Men as if she is a Leper.

Its such a sad act to accuse upon a fellow reporter and blogger Nila Tanzil by our Minister of Tour-is-him? His sudden use of his index finger to lay blame of his ministry's failure to look after reporters on duty to report about the wonders of Malaysia during VMY2007 does not go down well with Malaysians and Indonesians.

Its is never wrong for anyone to tell it as it is when they are travelling abroad to visit some place. Like how was the hospitality? how were the services? how was the ease of travelling from one spot to another...etc... I do travel too and when I see a "400k Public Toilet"I will take photo of it and tell it to my friends as well. If I am not allowed to use that "400k Public Toilet" because I did not apply a permit to let off some parts of me in that country.. surely I will write about that too...

Now please do read from some of our lady bloggers how they feel being Witch Hunted....

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Here are some Posters for your Blogs if you feel strongly against CORRUPTION....

Since we are at the discussion of the most important issue of the decade, CORRUPTION. How do we get by this? Where does it ends? Read about Uncle Lim's Corrupt to the core! article.

A Big Napoleon vs Little Napoleons

Congratulations to our Prime Minister... for a prestigous award! Ironic it is named Global Leadership Award from Napoleon Hill Foundation as we are facing legions of Little Napoleons causing havoc to our nation.

Again I do hope he is able to wipe out these Little Napoleons and lead the nation to Victory. That is if he doesn't fall asleep on his horse 1st.

And since we're at it so what is the benefit of Napoleon Hill Foundation? Who is Napoleon Hill?

Do take a look at their website and all the links and gauge for yourself what they are.... "Viva Napoleons in the making"

Read about the other opinion about them as well here

And while we are buzy here fighting Napoleons... LG Electronics Inc is buzy winning the WORLD! Read about what our friend Jeff Ooi dug out in Korea (LG 2010... Aiming to be World's Top 3)

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OMG Here Comes Another Dimwit Minister

Minister incurs women bloggers' wrath.
(Written by Rocky from

Marina Mahathir, Susan Loone and Elizabeth Wong are heavyweight bloggers in their own right. Angry, heavyweight bloggers. They are not the least amused by Tengku Adnan's remarks in a Chinese-language daily about Malaysian women bloggers.In her latest posting And just when we thought we were getting somewhere .. today, Marina expresses her disgust with a "supposedly sober person in high office": "What leadership! What rational statements! And on International Women's Day, women bloggers are defamed as liars and cheats. Fabulous!"

In her internationally-tracked blog, Susan Loone, who is based in Bangkok, let loose an open letter to Tengku Adnan entitled Malaysia's Tourism Minister is a Dimwit!"Your generalisation has gone a bit too far. You are NOT fit to be Tourism Minister with this attitude. You are bias, rude, patronising and stupid. But going by your analogy - of one makes all - I don’t blame foreigners for thinking that all of us are stupid or Malaysia bodoh."She adds: "Women these days are different. We don’t merely sit around looking pretty. We work, take care of the family, write, blog, ask questions, analyse, create, invent, and a million other things. But there’s one thing we won’t do. We will not take this crap from you.

"Elizabeth Wong, in her piece Tengku Adnan whacks women bloggers which has stayed on my blog's Today's Top Postings since yesterday, was riled after picking up the translated version of a newsreport in Sin Chew on what Tengku Adnan had said. Whacking back, she writes: "Don’t you even have a heart? Weren’t you taught manners and etiquette in school or at home?"The Minister, among other things, reportedly said:

"Bloggers are liars. They use all sort of ways to cheat others. From what I know, out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women.“Bloggers like to spread rumours, they don’t like national unity. Today our country has achievements because we are tolerant and compromising. Otherwise we will have civil war. Malays will kill Chinese, Chinese will kill Malays, Indians will kill everybody else.”

This Poster Belongs to Walski

This Poster Belongs to Kickdefella

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MPK didn't drag Dato’ Zakaria out of his home... Why this then?

MPK didn't drag Dato’ Zakaria out of his home... Why this then?

Now got video of MPK brutality and mistreatment and abuse of the law… are they going to drag these MPK officers to court as well? for barging into someone’s shop and dragging him out to the street and kicking him from the back? what was his offence? was he the one that didn’t pay parking ticket? no? was he the car owner? no? Next time the police or any citizen can barge into some ministers home to drag him to police station to file a report? and does he have to pay RM1000 bail as well? this country has turn into a PARIAH COUNTRY with these sort of PARIAH LAW ENFORCERS around. PM your officers are making a MOCKERY of your middle path ISLAM HARAKIRI

Greatest Offender in Klang... with approval from MPK !!!
but MPK got no balls to barge into his house to drag him to the police station! instead they drag a small shop owner for someone elses parking offence.

MPK Officers Arresting Tailor - which they had no power to arrest anyone only to issue samans.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Kg.Berembang and Little House on the Prairie...

Once upon a time,
There was a prairie,
There sat a little house
and in that little house,
lived the happiest family
then one dark day,
came the sheriff and his deputies,
to claim the prairie and
to evict the family...
shocked and full of misery,
they had no one to turn to,
mommy why are the bad people
doing this? she asked but before
they could get a reply their daddy and mommy
were thrown forever into jail for not evicting
and the poor kids were left to wander
by themselves, wondering why is the
world so cruel....and like all forsaken children,
they grew up to become
tormented and demented...

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

FSA Enforcement... vs KFC .... vs Rumours ???

Thank God my Mom didn't work for a Kite Airlines....

else I've been sucked out and thrown into a trashbin!

“Life is hard for a Lady!
Sometimes she gives birth to a Jackass
that grows up to fire another Lady for being a Mom.”


New TV show on Asstro called EObreak...
Watch how the greatest criminals get scot FREE without even breaking a sweat!
No Digging, No Hiding, No Crawling, No Bullets....

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