Wednesday, March 21, 2007


Photo: Our National Badmintion Heros. Koo Kien Keat and Tan Boon Heong should be rewarded now! not if, not what, not later. They deserve it... PERIOD!

“We will consider, think, and decide how to reward the pair. We do not want to spoil them with material rewards, which may result in a drop in future performances,” he said at KL International Airport last night while awaiting the arrival of the duo. - as printed by The Star.

Now... how appropriate timing. No material rewards? How about Datukship? not material only a title. How about having access to train in our new UK playground? Oh! Better still a fully funded scholarship to some prestigious Sports Uni abroad?

Surely that's not material rewards that can spoil them unlike those that got Land, Cars and Datukships.... so suddenly our noble Gov realise they were actually wrong to reward those so called Towering "Censored" with Material Rewards?

I wonder those High Flyers heading to Freezeland to do skydiving to proof some Delinquents are Towering "Censored" will return with full praise from the Gov and reap some kind of Material Reward?

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Johnny Ong said...

why the "holding back" in rewarding? the same thing goes for Nicol David or even Karamjit Singh where both of them are world class sportswoman/man. racial issue?