Friday, August 29, 2008

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Its been a long road for me. Did you know Wattahack was born way back in 2004? Yes! I'm older than you think. Here was my 1st post:

Monday, November 01, 2004


Welcome to WattaHack?
Isn't that what you would think of when things go weary?
Gone wrong? Beyond your expectations....
Well, sometimes its those little things that gets to you.
Its got to come out somewhere right?
Thanks to Blogger here am I, WattaHack?

After which I was posting personal issues and many non-political things that not matter to anyone other than the romantical goooey lovebirds.... then came the famous lawsuit on bloggers Jeff & Rocky.

Saturday, January 20, 2007


I actually deleted all my old postings to make room to support our fellow Bloggers currently under attack by a bunch of GOONS (Grumpy Old Orang Nak Sue)

So it all changed and my posting where more social-civil-political in nature although I still am not for any political party as I believe to stay in the middle path or some may say civil rights path.

What a long way from to and such an amazing road. Most important is I grew as much as this Nation grew to realise we all matter most in our own welfare. No one will stand for us if we don't stand for ourselves.

Best of all is the chance to meet all the other bloggers that made their stand and took charge and stood by what is great about this country - A Single Race called Saya Anak Malaysia. Long Live Barisan Rakyat!

with love from Wattahack!

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