Sunday, June 10, 2007


Guess what?
Its been quite a while since Johor flooded while our PM was is in OZland for some Nasi Kandar. That was like months ago and so long that even PM fell in love and got married again.

Here you can see the landslide in Kulai and it happened during the flooding period and now its still un-fixed! Some so called high-profiled people showed up took photos and talk besar but that was then and this is now - sama-sama saja.

Someone is waiting for someone to die or lose the whole lot of houses before someone decides its a BIG enough problem that must be rectified. The soil from this landslide will keep flowing down stream and end up blocking something and cause another flood to some poor kampung or housing somewhere.

And as usual fingers will go on pointing and blames fly here and there even up to blaming GOD.

I think the Gov doesn't mind losing votes from this area as they seem fine to leave it as it is...

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