Monday, June 04, 2007

The Evolution of Slavery...

In Slavery, one is branded to make sure you are easily identified by the Master. This branding is for life and you will always be known as a slave to others. Even thought physical branding is not use in modern times there are other ways to brand a slave be it via a tag or digital information imprint on your identity card.

As with all slavery there are terms spelled out and there is a master to obey. If a person has a Master and he must obey the terms in order to survive or work its called Slavery. He must 1st strip himself of all dignity and wallow at the Master's feet and shall never raise he's head above to look the Master in the eye.

This slavery is well and alive and is now used as an excuse to control minority in any country. The powerful Masters will never remove the slavery branding as it will serve as a reminder to all slaves that they are NEVER worthy of the Land the Slaved on. The Masters will reap all benefits and rape the slaves as they wish as it is their right and no-one can ever question them. These Masters know that they are nothing without Slaves and will be Mocked if they had to work themselves and get their hands filthy.

Here is a sample of an evolved Slavery Terms & Conditions:

We as Masters accept them but it is clear:

1.The Masters agree to your stay
2.The Masters allow property, business and whatever ownership in return you give 30% Master's fee.
3.Your Slave Rights might be considered at our mercy.
4.Allowed to practise your religion, your language and your culture but you shall follow whatever your Master tells you. i.e: If he tells you that you are black then you shall paint yourself black.

In return, YOU SHOULD NOT QUESTION what is already as it is before the Slaves came:

1.Master's special rights as a Supreme Master.
2.Master's right to oppress a Slave as did their forefathers.
3.Master's religion is the official religion and all structure, status and obligation as official religion remains.
4.Master's Language as official language and yours is allowed only 7 years after Slavery.
5.Position of the Royal Masters.

Your acceptance of Slavery comes without question to accept these.
If you can’t accept the Slavery terms & conditions, you shall be deported to No-Man's Land to rot and die.


mob1900 said...

Hmmm... Might have read something like that before...

zorro said...

Tks for the flip-flops.
REverting to Bahasa Malaysia, another gem of a flip flop....didnt we have Bahasa Baku at one time? Cheers to flip-flop land.
Join us for a drink at National Press Club on Wed and Fri. Missed you at Maria's for mee rebus today.

Wattahack? said...

zorro: no invites for me & mob so we both tot it was a no show...