Wednesday, June 13, 2007


Today is a heart breaking day for us,
When your heart failed and you collapsed in front of me,
I felt my heart collapsed with you.

Nine long years you tolerated me,
You endured my abusiveness and my rudeness,
How could I have treated you in such a way.

I miss your Satin White skin,
Your coolness in heat,
Holding you bring me calmness.

For Nine long years you helped me,
Day in day out without you,
I am helpless like a baby.

Please recover fast my Lover,
I cannot live without you,
I shall stay awake by your side till you recover.

(dedicated to my long time lover - a white wira)

1 comment:

mob1900 said...

I feel your pain man!
Wira is my local 'girl' too!
I've wet dreams about Italian cars,
feel raw sex with american dragsters, inteliigent romp with british cars and otaku fornicafication with Japanese cars but still comes back to my sarung-clad Wira tengah mandi kat sungai.