Saturday, June 09, 2007


Got 2 bad news from my friends:

1st came from a sms that 1 of our group friend was involved in an accident with a trailer. He was driving with 3 others in the car and 1 of the passenger had a broken bone (ribcage I think) that penetrated the liver! OMG :( . All of us were smsing each other to find out how was our friend and was until later got replied he was released from hospital with 9 stiches... Thank Goodness as we feared all where going to not make it. Lets hope the others are ok as well and recover asap.

2nd was msn by my other friend's saying her car was stolen! ? a proton wira! why would anyone want to steal one? crazy country.

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mob1900 said...

so they could use it to rob a bank-lah... not that there's any proof it's a proven escape-car but alas the coppers has the same incapacitated car. poor sods.