Tuesday, June 19, 2007


This to me was a baffling word. What's STAGE IV? So off to Google to find the answer but its not as I thought.

Stage 0
Carcinoma in situ (early cancer that is present only in the layer of cells in which it began).

Stage I, Stage II, and Stage III
Higher numbers indicate more extensive disease: greater tumor size, and/or spread of the cancer to nearby lymph nodes and/or organs adjacent to the primary tumor.

Stage IV
The cancer has spread to another organ.

Now imagine you have been told that you have a STAGE IV cancer... you won't be able to comprehend that and all logic to why it must be you. Scary isn't it? Now I was told by someone dear to me that she had been diagnose as STAGE IV and had been going for regular chemotherapy.

It's been a shock to all and as her Doctor told her its Pure Unlucky perhaps. No matter how, all her family and friends are Praying for her recovery. I pray she remain strong and stay happy to overcome this internal foe with all her might.

May GOD stand by her and keep her strong. Forever with Love My Dear!


zewt said...

sorry to hear about this dude. My God stretches His mighty healing hands from heaven and heal your friend... there can be miracle.

Ed said...

My mum had lung cancer and had 1 lung removed back in 2003. Now she can't do much physical work w/o feeling short of breath. Plus, her stomach was wrecked by the chemotherapy poisons. Now she frequently experiences stomach aches/discomforts.

I suggest trying hi alkaline water produced by water ioniser/electrolyser to correct the sufferer's body acidity to help the immune system fight it instead of further burdening the system with chemo drugs, which kill all cells, regardless of whether they're cancerous or not.

Alternatively, read here http://www.cancer-coverup.com/ for more info on those hi alkalinity cesium pills.

mita29 said...

Please give brian peskin and otto warburg a chance to defeat and prevent cancer