Saturday, May 05, 2007

Interesting Thought....

This was posted in SL's blog and I think its an interesting comment that's why its here...

May 5th, 2007 at 12:06 am

Dear Fellow Malaysian, Malaysian Of All Races

Yes the GE is just round the corner and what are we going to do to lend our support for change.
My take to all in support of change are:

Do not be afraid
1)This is our downfall for the past fifty years. Why must we be afraid? Do we want to be intiminated again by their slogan of riots and kris waving? We have only one life and so are they.
2)Many are saying that they know who we vote for, so what if they know. What can they do to us small fry. There are over 10 million voters, pray tell me how can they monitor each and everyone of the voters. Only their members who want to vote for the oppositions are afraid and these are the people they are going after. Do not be afraid if they know who you vote, they cannot send all who votes for the oppositions to jail.

For fellow Malays, do not think that the discrimination by bn are just affecting the non malays. You are wrong. Discrimination are all over and affect each and everyone of us irrespective of any race if you do not bow, toe their line and not a member of their executive club.

The purpose of the NEP, you all know about it, but are they implemented in their true form. Fellow malays, please tell me, have you gain much from this NEP which is suppose to elevate you all to be at par with others. Have it achieve it’s real intention, you answer me.

Education should be devoid of all political influence and they should be on merit. Using the NEP to project and in a way forcing the Malays to study and graduated them with no merit is not the answer. All capable Malays should be allow to compete with others and use the NEP to provide relevant courses more suitable to the other slower learners.

Can the Oppositions run the country?
If anyone ask me this question, I will tell them, it is a stupid question.

Just think back 50 years ago, do the people selected to run the country after gaining independence, have any experience in running a country before. They are given a chance to run the country and pray tell me why we cannot allow the opposition to rule. Just assume we are given the independence today and let the Oppositions lead us like what the loosely formed Alliance at that time was given the chance to do so.

This is the main culprit that is destroying our country. The whole government system is rotten to the core. They are telling us, including the poor pm that we must make a report, get evidence and proof before they can act.Do you all not think that this is just plain stupid?

Let me ask you, if you do not pay your income tax, what will happen? The IRS will come after you and can you tell them that there is no report against you for not paying, why are they running after you.

If you do not pay your car road tax and the police stop and issue you a summon, can you tell them there is no report against you for not paying the road tax and why they are going after you?

These agencies are doing their job to ensure that you abide by the laws of this country. Likewise for corruptions, ACA must pursue and act on their own initiative. ACA stands for “anti corruption agency” and what is their job? To prevent corruption, seek and destroy all corruptors. Do they need people to make a report to them, show them all the evidence and proofs before they can act?

They must act on their own and take action to prevent corruptions from happening. They must be on the prowl to catch corruptors, using their power to search through bank accounts, land office, IRS and other means should they smell or hear anything suspicious like how come that minister can afford two or three oreven four houses, that minister can afford to lose millions in gambling, that mb is so very rich and other ministers living beyond their means.

Do you really need a report, evidence and proof before you can act, then what the hell do we need ACA for.

Fellow Malaysian of all races, please open your eyes and lets walk together to show bn the door this coming GE.

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