Sunday, May 20, 2007


Whoever who leads must stick their necks out to be chopped… all great leaders and warriors did that. You cannot lead by a keyboard and mouse if you wanna play games in the real world but the real world is where the rules are made and only there they can be removed to set us free.

Freedom comes from removing barriers made and written by humans in the real world. To play the game we must enter the game board and use those set of rules to our advantage. There is always a way and by knowing your opponent and the rules of engagement well you can succeed.

But most important is unity to succeed… are we all here to remove the barrier or are we all here to make noise only but not willing to stick the neck out?

Remember the movie “The Matrix” even though NEO was freed he still had to re-enter the matrix to fight the system to save others. and there are others that prefer the Matrix even though there’s real freedom outside. Now would you say NEO and his Gang hijacked freedom cause the majority says they already are enjoying freedom in the matrix or vis-versa? Who is right? Who is the good guy or bad guy?

If I’m for the Matrix cause there’s a perfect life there eventhough its not real who has the right to take that away from me? NEO? then I would say NEO is the badhat! But if I wanted to be in the real world and not some superficial “feel good’ world I would say NEO is my saviour… either which way NEO had to fight for FREEDOM both in the “Real World” and “The Matrix”.

This is the same situation we are facing now… which “real world” is yours?

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