Saturday, April 14, 2007


Here's some Charity work that some good caring and honest Malaysian
can help out. I know there's not many good souls around anymore
since MONEY out weighs any GOOD intentions.

These poor PUPs were just out to visit Malaysia and its wonders but
before getting any milking from their MOM, she was dognapped by
(censored) and now these poor PUPs are Orphans.

They were saved by my friend with a Heart! which I'm amazed cause he
always claims he's a Heartless person!...good one dude.

Anyway if anyone is kind enough to take these cutes in please let me
know as my friend keeps cats and they are jealous of the PUPs. PM me
your contact and I will notify my friend to lead you to them for
adoption. They are now in Balakong area.

Thanks to those willing to save these PUPs in advance.

p/s: please don't end up cooking them OK!

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WattaHack said...

Hmmm ... no takers yet?