Friday, April 06, 2007

I Think Therefore I Live...

Here is the situation:

1. The Gov feels our youth can't think
"Many young people in Malaysia lack the ability to think critically, said Deputy Higher Education Minister Datuk Ong Tee Keat."

2. The Gov feels we think and write too much
"Shaziman also said Singapore had started registering its bloggers while Thailand, China and Middle East countries practiced censorship of its local blogs."

Reply to No.1

Youths and in General all Malaysians can't think well cause the Gov been asking us not to for past 20 years or so. When they ask a question, the standard reply was "toe the line", "don't ask too much, we know what we are doing", "you are are too young, that's why we think for you and tell you what to do"...etc.

By the way I feel those adults at state and city council level also can't think that well too. Else we would have less news of stupid flash floods in the same area over and over again after millions spent! and did these same adults hire kindergarden kiddos to tar our roads with Play-Doh?

So Mr.Pot calling Mr.Potty black!

Reply to No.2

Mr.Dimwit no.5 (I think) Singapore is a control freak, its not called FINE CITY for no reason! and Thailand did not censor the Internet until it was taken over by the Power Hungry Military. How else you think the opposition held so many demostrations to topple Tak-Sin? Thanks to the Blogs and SMS freedom that is! Why the Military worry about this to censor it? cause they scared it can happen to them as well... Controlling Information Is Power. Now don't even compare us Malaysia to China & Middle-East countries, we are not ruled by Socialist, Communist, Dictator, Warlords & Kings...etc.

For Pete's sake why we must benchmark ourselves under the Limbo bar rather than above it?
Why not USA, UK, Switzerland, Scandinavia, Australia, and a whole bunch of DEVELOPED countires?

Opps... sorry Malaysians can't think properly remember! (refer no.1)

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