Saturday, April 28, 2007


The voters have chosen. Whatever it is they will have to live with it until either someone dies again or the General Election comes.

Until then welcome to being closer to be developed with or without your consent as its considered your consent is 100% given in the ballot box.

If tomorrow your padang bola has a metal box in the center "Don't Complain", if your abruptly tarred road breaks apart "Don't Complain", but its considered lucky to get a TOLL right in front of your housing area as it means the party you chosen is taking your development seriously and will need more funds to help you. You just have to pay for it for another 50 years or so. Congratulations and welcome to the club....

1 comment:

mob1900 said...

Eh, Ijok roads where got 3 lane?
*my sarcasm to divert from the obvious. lolx